Wanna get tatted, but you’re afraid of commitment? I gotchu 👀 With these temporary tattoo sheets you can fulfil your dream of becoming a tatted baddie💖

💗A5 or A4 sheet

💗Tattoos last up to 7 days (depending on how much water & moisture they get)

💗Instructions are BELOW!

PS! The designs are mirrored on the sheets, so they will be in the right way when you put them on!

Original price was: €15.00.Current price is: €10.00.

  • A5 or A4 sheet
  • 12 different tattoo designs, 16 altogether

How to use them:

  1. Cut out the design you want to use – leave as little paper around the design as you can.
  2. Try out the placement – it’s easier to place it on a flatter surface.
  3. Take off the transparent film.
  4. Place it on your skin. PS! the tattoo is sticky! Don’t hold it too long since it will stick to your fingers!
  5. Take a sponge or a napkin and wet it. Tap the tattoo lightly with the sponge or napkin until the whole tattoo is slightly wet.
  6. Take off the paper – it should come off easily, when the tattoo is done correctly & voila!

The tattoos last up to 7 days depending on how much they get water & moisture – but remember, they are TEMPORARY! So time the use of them for a special day or just keep that in mind 🙂




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